How To Grow Your Business in 6 Months While Sustaining Work-Life Balance – 24th July

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with Ros Jones

Business coach and author

Wednesday, 24th July 12 pm – 1 pm
Price: £15
One to one coaching

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner struggling to find that delicate balance between business growth and personal life?


Join us for a power-packed webinar that will transform your approach to both business and life.

LIVE! and completely FREE to attend!

In this Masterclass I’ll be your business coach and will be sharing with you practical insights into building a business in a balanced way, freeing up your time so you can get off the hamster wheel and get more out of life.

Over the past 10 years as a business coach, I’ve been helping business owners grow their businesses and make more money while freeing up their time to live a more balanced life.

I’ll share the full step-by-step breakdown of how to do this so you can implement it into your own business and your life.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

🌱 Proven strategies to accelerate business growth in just 6 months

📈 How to leverage technology, automation, and innovation for success

⚖️ The art of work-life balance: tips to avoid burnout and achieve harmony

🎯 Setting and achieving SMART goals for your business and personal life

🤝 Building a support network to help you thrive

You’ll want to book your place if :

  • You feel you never have enough time
  • You want your business to make more money
  • You feel your team is not fully engaged in your business
  • You’re concerned about the impact of the long hours you work on your health
  • You work so many hours but don’t get the results you want
  • You just can’t get the right people
  • You want more time to spend with family, friends or just by yourself
  • You want a step by step roadmap to follow

Places are limited, so please ensure you’re quick to secure your spot!

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