Get away from the day to day with space to focus on your bigger picture

Business retreats that are designed to enhance your creativity, find your calm and discover clarity

Reflect, recharge and reignite yourself and your business

You’ve heard that all the best ideas come in the shower, right?

That’s because your brain is a beautiful thing. It’s working on all the things you throw at it, all the time. And when you give your conscious mind a little free time, well, that’s when the magic happens.

That’s why I created Business Wellbeing Retreats to give you that brain-space-in-the-shower vibe that lasts all day long. They’re a powerful combination of a change of environment, surrounding yourself with other business leaders operating at their highest level and a carefully crafted agenda of mind and energy boosting activities.

Business retreat

Retreats that bring you back to your genius

Stretch yourself

When you’re feeling a little stuck, stretch your mind and body with something new on my Stretch Yourself retreat.

Get Creative

Understand yourself better and give the right side of your brain some love on my Get Creative retreat.

Slow Down

Reconnect with yourself again, clear your mind of distractions and discover the lasting power of slowing the pace in my Slow Down retreat.

Heart-based leadership

Find the heart in your business and learn how to use it to love your people for better results on my Heart-based Leadership retreat.

Stretch Yourself

Feeling like you need a stretch? Stuck on repeat?

You might feel like you’re doing the same things over and over – and there’re no results.

Of course you know you need to do something different, try something new… but what? You’re not sure where to start, what to switch up or how to take yourself out of your comfort zone. But you’re ready to find it all.

The Stretch Yourself retreat is for you if you want to:

You’ll need clothing for indoor and outdoor exercise.

Get Creative

So many things pull our minds away from the things that matter. Our daily lives are disjointed, distracted and spent on a screen. We’re constantly available, always being contacted and left feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

With less and less time spent nurturing our creative side (the right side of your brain) it’s never felt harder to think outside the box and come up with new, innovative ideas that set our businesses apart. It’s the bit that makes being in business fun.

The Get Creative retreat is for you if you want to:

Slow Down

Life can feel like a blur.

But being busy doesn’t mean you’re being productive, and it’s easy to find ourselves trapped on the hamster wheel.

Without time to reflect or step back to see where we’re heading, you’ll simply end up feeling burnt out and exhausted. You’ll have low energy levels, and you might be questioning what to do next to feel back in control and protect your mental health.

The Slow Down retreat is for you if you want to:

Heart-Based Leadership

KPIs. Systems. Processes. Bottom line. Metrics. Numbers.

Sure – you need these to run a business. But the human element is what turns a good business into a great one.

And when you spend too much time focusing on the numbers and the outputs instead of showing heart to the people behind them, you’ll find your team is disengaged, unproductive and moving on to new opportunities elsewhere.

You want the heart of your business to beat with strength and power, supplying oxygen to all those vital parts that create results.

The Heart-based Leadership retreat is for you if you want to:

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