Build a business you love, with balance

You can grow profit, without it costing everything else.

I learnt (the hard way!) that all-or-nothing thinking isn’t sustainable.

I’ve had a business where I felt like I was giving it everything I had – and it wasn’t giving everything back.

When I had no time for me, for my relationships or for the things I loved, that was the moment I realised – building a business needs one very important ingredient: balance.

Ros Jones - Coaching and Personal Development

What matters to me, so I can truly serve you and your business

Keep growing

We’re all at our best when we’re learning and developing.

Feel enough

There’s plenty of everything to go around - including work to win and time for play.

Be brave

Take the leap, even when it feels scary. It’s scarier to do nothing.

I matter

Take care of everything that makes you, you. Life’s no fun without it.

Make a difference

Think about the good we can do, in and out of our business.

When we work together, you’ll...

Grow your business with my five principles of business wellbeing

Build relationships

Be responsible for you

Learn and grow

Feel abundance

Have fun

Ros Jones - Coaching and Personal Development

A little about me.

The biggest risk I was taking in my life was to change absolutely nothing.

Because life at that point was unfulfilling. Boring. Living life like this felt like it was killing me – in fact, I felt so physically ill I was visiting the GP to find out what was going wrong.

The diagnosis? 20 years, same corporate job, different companies, zero growth.

I set up a business that felt like it was doing the same – draining me of everything that made me, me.

So I completely overhauled my coaching business and my life – because business should, above all else, be kind, based on collaboration, support and abundance. I also trained as a hypnotherapist to add to my coaching skills to help business leaders break habits and build new, better ones. I returned to my love of learning and books, and set up a book club. I’ve even published a novel, with more to come.

Now, I still have financial freedom – but it comes with better balance, improved health and stronger relationships.

I’m here to show you how to bring more balance to your business, too.

Ros Jones - Coaching and Personal Development

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